Double Glazing Repair in Liverpool, Warrington, Widnes & St Helens


We have been installing and repairing windows, doors and conservatories for over 10 years and our aim is to ensure that every customer is happy with the job and would recommend us to others. Here is what some of our recent customers have said:

“I was in desperate need of new windows and doors for my entire house as mine where old wooden ones which were rotting away and looked untidy. Brian provided a very personal and friendly service and offered me lots of advice on what to choose. The job was completed in less than 3 days and I was very pleased with the final result. Many people in my close have commented on how good my windows and doors look. I have recommended North West Window Repairs to friends and family who are equally impressed with the work they have had done” Natalie 28, Whiston

“My late husband used to deal with our windows as this was his profession hence I was a little dubious as to which company to now use! I chose North West Window Repairs on a friends recommendation and was very happy with the result. I had misted glass in my PVC windows which had georgian bars, these were replaced and now look as good as new. I would never have known that I could just change the glass. Thanks North West Window Repairs for saving me lots of money on new windows” Ann 54, Rainhill

“My wife is a perfectionist when it comes to my home and will not settle for anything less than perfect when having work done around the house. Luckily for us, so are the team at North West Window Repairs! Brian installed a new window for us which we are very pleased with, we can’t wait now to get the rest of our windows done. We will definitely be using North west Window Repairs” David 45, Widnes

“I had a broken lock on my door and was extremely worried that it wouldn’t lock over night. I called one company out who charged me £120 just to have a look. They then told me it couldn’t be fixed and I would need a new door costing around £300. When I wanted a second opinion I saw an advert in the paper for North west Window Repairs. The man came out and fixed the lock in 5 minutes. He said that it may not last a long time and gave me his number if I needed him to call back. This company are exactly what they say in the advert “Honest, Reliable and Affordable” and my lock is still working thanks to them” Jessie 82, St. Helens

“I needed somebody urgently to come and take out my window. I had had a new couch delivered that would not fit through my doors. I called North West Windows and explained my dilemma. Someone arrived within the hour, quickly removed the front window for the couch to go through and then put it back in and resealed it. I would never have known! I will definitely call them again when I need to get my couch back out. What a speedy service at a reasonable price. Extremely professional and helpful.Thankyou North West Window Repairs” Lauren 30, St. Helens

“I was devastated when my son kicked a ball in the garden and cracked the glass in the patio doors. I called North West Window Repairs and they came out and replaced the glass rather than the entire door. This saved me so much money and I now my doors look as good as new!” Kay 48, Runcorn


Q. I have a pattern and coloured glass in my other windows, will you still be able to match it up?
A. Yes, we can come out and have a look at the pattern and colours in your current windows and match this up in the replacement. However depending on the age of the windows, some patterns are now obsolete but we always try our best to source the pattern needed. What you must remember though is that your glass is exposed to natural sunlight on a daily basis thus it will have changed colour slightly due to this. We cannot force the ageing process on the replacement glass, thus at first the colours in the new unit may be slightly stronger until they are exposed to this natural light too.

Q. How long will it take to complete the job?
A. Every job is different! New properties are generally easier and quicker than older properties and it very much depends on what and how many units are being installed or repaired. Usually a house full of windows can take a maximum of 2 days to install but please speak to us at the time of ordering for a more precise estimate of timescales.

Q. How much will it cost me to repair my windows and doors?
A. Again, every job is different! What is guaranteed is that replacing the glass is cheaper than replacing the entire unit. Every home has different sized and shaped windows and doors thus the cost in repairing these can vary.
All our windows and doors are tailor made to fit your home and because we offer such a wide range of styles, openings and fittings we will need to visit your home to measure up and discuss your needs before we can give you an accurate idea of the cost. Please ring us for an estimate, we will beat any genuine like for like quotation.

Q. What if there are further problems with my windows/doors after they are installed, is there any guarantee?
A. As we use the highest quality products, it is very rare that further problems do occur. However, as peace of mind for our customers we offer a 10 year guarantee.

Q. What causes misty windows?
A. Double glazed windows are excellent for energy efficiency, however due to age and wear and tear, the seals can eventually break resulting in unsightly steamy/misty/foggy windows. The broken or worn out seal has simply allowed moisture to seep in between the two layers  of glass. The simplest and cheapest way to resolve this is to replace the glass in the window with a new double glazed unit.

Q. Is replacing the glass worthwhile or should I just purchase new windows?
A. This all depends on the age and state of the current frames and the type of window. For example a bay window costs a lot of money and risk as building work is required when replacing this window. Thus replacing the glass would cost a fraction of the amount and is less risky. If the window is in good condition then replacing the glass is definitely worthwhile and will give you many more years out of your windows. Imagine if your car clutch was faulty, you would not buy a whole new car if the condition of the current one was ok. The concept for windows is just the same. However if you give us a call, we will come out and advise you on the best solution to your problem.

Q. I was told by another firm that they could suck out all the wet air in the window and then plug the gap. Do you offer this service too?
A. It is true that some firms can offer this service, but it is only effective on Double Glazed Units that are barely misting up. Anything worse and this procedure will not work. We do not offer this service simply due to the fact that there are very few people who can actually benefit from having this done.

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